About Us

No two paths in music study are exactly alike, but at The Piano Cottage, our goal is to provide each and every student an inspiring, deep and rigorous learning experience.


Because offerings are a la carte, children and adults may enter at ANY LEVEL OF MUSICAL TRAINING. Choose to enroll in just one activity (lessons, classes or ensembles), or opt for any combination of activities. If you seek a more structured curriculum, we can provide formal instruction as well.  Here are some basic guidelines to have in mind:


• Private instrumental lessons are the necessary foundation for technical and musical growth.  We offer private lessons in the following instruments & courses:   bass (electric & acoustic) ,  composition, flute, guitar (electric & acoustic) mandolin, music production, piano, saxophone, singer-songwriter, trumpet and ukulele.   Our voice department offers  vocal performance classes for beginner-professional level students in every genre including classical, contemporary, and jazz studies.


•Classes in music theory, audition skills, performance skills, composition, accompanying, music history and instruction alike provide context and understanding that can significantly contribute to student performance skills and musical development.


•Chorus is something we recommend for all young musicians, regardless of instrumental instruction. Singing enhances instrumental playing and it’s a great human experience!


We  have an exceptional group of professional instructors and take pride in the fact that our student base includes some of West  Michigan's most talented and promising young musicians.  Many have gone on to become professional musicians

December, 2019: Piano Cottage Owner & CEO Mr. Josh Zimmerman (center) with The Piano Cottage founders and retiring directors, Mr. & Mrs. Wright & Jody McCargar 

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