The Cast of The Piano Cottage Rocks No. 8, Families and Friends prepare for a wonderfully  fun evening out with a cast picnic and concert together, immediately following rehearsal on Monday July 15, 2019.


Circle Theater


On Monday July 15th, following rehearsal which we plan to end early, the cast of The Piano Cottage Rocks will depart via carpool to Aquinas College Campus / Circle Theater to enjoy a picnic together and then go in to see RUN THE WORLD production featuring 3 of our own Piano Cottage Rocks musicians!   All are welcome. Tickets for cast members have already been purchased [but additional family member tickets may yet be available/see Jody]  Students will bring sack lunches (labelled with name) & store in coolers to be available during rehearsal. Desserts are being made by cast parents!  Event ends 8:30 pm for Cast pick up at Circle Theater. 

 A Sign Up Genius has been created to organize this event.  Please consider signing up to drive a few students down Plymouth  road to Aquinas College/Circle Theater. You do NOT have to take the home after the show. Parents must pick up their cast member at 8:30 pm if parents are not attending the show with their student. Thank you to our amazing cast parents and Amelia Tippett who are organizing and leading the Driver Carpool for  Monday July 15, 2019. A few more drivers are needed:


Departure procedure:  

We will be organizing the students at 5:40 in rehearsal and sending them out to waiting vehicles in groups.   A description of your vehicle is needed so Please shoot us a quick email with your make, model & color of your vehicle that you will be driving on Monday.  

Departure Location:    Beacon Hill Auditorium 

Departure Time:   5:45 pm  

 Destination Address:  1703 Robinson Rd SE, East Grand Rapids, MI 49506


 The students are pretty excited about this and we are too! Piano Cottage Rocks casts are crazy about their music, their audiences, their families and their FOOD.  As such we need to feed this gang well following their rehearsal on Monday before attending the show.   


Students should bring a brown bag sandwich/salad or whatever their preference may be for their 6 pm picnic dinner. Coolers of ice will be available at Beacon Hill at 3 pm when the cast arrives to rehearse so we can keep their food cold.   SPECIAL TREAT  is coming from the sweetest parents in the world: The TPCR8 cast parents are making desserts for July 15th picnic!  Thank you Cornell, Genthe and Sassano families! 

LOBBY FESTIVITIES OPEN AT 6:30 pm with the Lobby Bar serving craft root beers available

for minors for $1.00.   Candy/snacks $1 Students bring your cell phones and take pictures in the Circle Theater Photo Booth setups! 

WHAT TO WEAR! Cast members please wear your TPCR 8, 7, 6, 5,4 ,3 2or 1 TSHIRTS!



FOR PICKING UP THEIR CHILD following the concert at 8:30 at the front steps of Circle Theater, 1703 Robinson Rd SE, East Grand Rapids, MI 49506. Students will have to sign out on the call board before leavening. Stage Manager and Director will begin calling parents at 8:40 of any parents who did not arrive.   


LENGTH OF SHOW:  Runs 1.5 hours 



AFTER THE SHOW: Parents must pick up their cast member at the front steps of Circle

Theater and transport them home. The Call Board will be there and all students will be required

to sign-out in the lobby. 




DESCRIPTION OF SHOW ( This 1.5 hour concert production by Circle Theater is Directed by Mr. Brandon Harris (The Piano Cottage Vocal Instructor extroardinare!) and features a stellar cast of amateur and professional vocalists from around Michigan including two TPCR8 headliners Miss Noor Hassan and Miss Gianna Stansell as Youth Guest Artists!  This TPCR8 Cast Road Trip with Families/Parents & Sibs  is being organized to to go cheer on Noor, Gianna and Brandon, gain valuable inspiration and ideas for our own concert, and gain understanding and education as we explore the history of the world's greatest girl groups going back to the 1930s!  We will travel back in time with the music of The Andrews Sisters, The Shirelles, The Supremes, The Go-Go’s, TLC, Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, and the women who emerged from the best all-female groups in history like Diana Ross and Beyoncé!  Sing along and be blown away by the talent,  as we gain ideas & inspiration for our own concert on July 25 & 26th together! 


Please sign and return to rehearsal on Monday July 15th, 3 pm.  Alternatively you may complete, sign, scan and then email it back to us at Thank you! 

Drivers Needed

Picnic Plan

Pick Up 

About RTW

Permission Slip

Picnic Location & Show:Lawn outside Circle Theater at 1703 Robinson Road  East Grand Rapids. Here is the Front Entrance to the theater that you can see from the parking lot.  Park anywhere in their front lot. See you Monday!

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