(First run through of ACT I)

Date: Wednesday July 17, 2019


General Notes:

  • Great rehearsal! Much Progress!

  • We had some disruption to rehearsal today so there are several songs on which we were not able to take notes.  Continue to check the Piano Cottage Rocks Official Youtube Channel and study the rehearsal videos. 

  • Mr. Brandon : He is hearing Progress. Really want everyone to continue singing out' giving more' Perform- don't just sing the words.  Expression...make them believe you... 

  • Mr. Rob / Acting Notes:  He is seeing great progress from each lead vocalists and backup vocalist.  Keep going with it. He will be looking for students around the periphery of the stage now - anyone who is seen on the stage whether you are performing or not - you are a part of the act. You must put the Stage Face on and be "into it" when the audience can see you. 

  • Mrs. Jody:  Saw some great improvements today .  Chorus be certain you know your choreography and can do it without Mrs. Mary Skuza - direct all movements and facial expressions to your audience not to the back of the stage.  

  • We need to write down the Settings for Keys 2 (KX88) for each song & tape to the instrument.  

  • Students: when you are sitting in the audience at rehearsals it is important that you are quiet so everyone else can focus on their performance.Many of you are unaware that the directors were trying to get your attention multiple times throughout rehearsals; you kept talking and ignoring them. :(.   Please be respectful of each number on stage- especially the piano solos that require a much quieter performance environment.  

  • Performers as you walk on stage, if you see a microphone stand that is going to block the view of your keys team players, drummer or guitarists, and it is convenient to do so, please move it  aside to help our stage hands.  Thank you to Kellyn and others for doing this several times. 

  • Backup vocalists:  -Backup vocalist were selected to help enhance another performer's piece in this show. As such, please make every effort to get into character appropriate for the song, "stage faces",  engage with the other performers on the songs, interact with your audience and act like you love singing on the song.  Never roll your eyes, talk to friends offstage while you are singing backup vocals, use your cell phone, misbehave or detract from another performer's song. Stand tall and proud and represent the song professionally . Thank you!  


1. Shake Your Groove Thing


Music notes from TPCR8 Coaches & Directors:

  • Form notes: Chorus sings “Shake your groove thing” at the beginning

  • 8 bar intro, then “Shake it, shake it!” (vox) 

  • Vocalists: Practice:   do the step-touch choreography the same direction and same number of points on “Show ‘em how we do it now!”

  • Sarah and Sam: Your keys parts sound great! Make sure that the volume is turned up so we all can hear you play!

  • Keys 2 3 and 4: Work on memorizing the music for next time. Having performers on stage staring at their music detracts from the energy of the song. Plus when you start looking up you will have a lot of fun. There is no way you cannot have fun on this song watching Brandon !

  • Chorus members: Don’t look at each other so that you can have a great stage presence and focus into the audience

  • Mary: Mr. Mccargar would like a written order for the vocal team so when they head out to perform they know exactly where their spot is Please send to Jody/Amelia and we will have it taped out.  

  • Chorus members: Practice keeping your STAGE FACE! Don’t lose your stage face and do your part to make sure that the show has a ton of fun energy!

  • Everyone: remember the "intelligent face!"

  • Change in the intro: 8 bars, shake it shake it, bass part, one more shake it shake it then start the song!

  • Percussion team: Make sure to put on an intelligent face and keep it on through the entire show!

  • Ollie: Work on the codas that you talked about with Miss Jody.

  • Jody to Wright: Wright the Keytar Part Keys 4 is too difficult for him to play on Keytar. Would you please re-write and simplify ?  Until then Ollie will jus play the chorus and boogie like a wild man.  

  • The end of the intro and the very end of the song: “Show ‘em how we do it, show ‘em how we do it.” This is a total of two times. Make sure that we remember to sing (and play) this!

  • Everyone: With all due respect, Brandon is out dancing and and out-funn-ing everyone up there !  Take The Brandon Challenge and see if we can bring the stage face, energy, boogie movies and have more fun on this song.  

  • Meg-much better ! You are having fun and looking like you are having fun!   Remember to connect with your audience more and look and sing to them - less  looking at Abby unless you are intentionally interacting with your castmates - You can laugh at Brandon>:) :) Great progress! 

  • Katie your high note - rock star high note. Can u add any facial expression or body movement to it that really bring attention to it. Also closer to mic because we could not hear it at first. 

  • Everyone thing about what you will be doing precisely on the final pose. Practice that pose and your facial expression.  Watch Brandon's face/eyes on it - its hysterical and who every he is looking at when he strikes that pose will never forget  it- its awesome.  Pick someone in the audience and put them on the spot with your pose- demand they have fun. :) :) 



  • Vox 1: Katie Hintz

  • Vox 2: Brandon Harris

  • Vox 3: Abby Strand

  • Vox 4: Meg Strand

  • Keys 1: Gray Flermoen

  • Keys 2: Sam Loos

  • Keys 3: Sarah Morris

  • Keys 4: Ollie Cornell (Key-tar)

  • Guitar 1: Jack Ashley-Oswalt

  • Bass: Kolbe Brew

  • Drums: Reid Eldred

  • Conga: Sam Gamble

  • Horns: Hugh DeWitt + All Horns 



  • 4 Microphones for all four vox

  • Lead Singers  on performance day- do not head to the lobby/back of house until the doors are closed to the house. This should be surprise entrance!  

  • Katie after Groove Thang - give mic 1 to Zachary

  • Brandon gives mic 2 to Drew


2. Movin’ Out

Music notes from TPCR8 Coaches & Directors:

  • Ben: Keep practicing and memorizing your part on this to ensure that you are playing accurately, especially the ending with the piano solo and at the right tempo.

    • Practice the piano solo ending to give it a little bit of a set tempo

  • Ending is a total of 12 measures

  • Drew: Sing louder! Work on your keys part.

  • Joshua: Great job playing the solos! Keep working on them to make sure you are playing them perfectly.

  • Everyone: Know what the ending is!


  • Vox 1: Zachary James Kolkman (absent today)

  • BUV: Drew Huegli 

  • Keys 1: Ben Sykes 

  • Keys 2: Joshua Nelson -Setting 10

  • Keys 3 & BUV Standing Drew Huegli - Setting 7 

  • E Guitar 1 Jack Ashley-Oswalt

  • E Guitar 2 Matt Young or Student

  • E Bass: Danny Barnes

  • Drum kit: Sam Gamble

  • Horn Section: DeWitt, Hugh: alto sax lead line


  • Lead mic for Zachary and back-up mic for Drew

  • Mic 1 leaves the stage (Lead singer will depart on a ________)

  • Mic 2 on stand at Keys 3 for Drew-thank you Drew for taking initiative to set up your keyboard and microphone the way you want it instead of waiting for others to do it for you.

  • When Zach leaves, he won’t take the mic with him (will  leaves mic 1 on the stand)

  • When this is done, Drew exits stage right and puts his mic (2) at the piano

  • Stage crew puts boom mic (mic 1)

Rob/Jody/Wright -Will need to discuss the endig of this song in terms of Zachary's departure from stage. 


3. New York State of Mind

Music notes from TPCR8 Coaches & Directors:

  • We realized tonight that Molly is indeed playing this in a different key than the original.  

  • Ethan:  We are very sorry but you will be receiving new music to learn. Alternatively we may put you on transposable synth. 

  • Everyone work on the transposed key (E flat major not C major)


  • Vox and Keys 1: Molly Puglessi

  • Keys 1 (after Molly leaves the piano): Ethan Lenters

  • Keys 2: Jeanne Yang

  • Bass: Kolbe Brew

  • Drum Kit: Sam Gamble


  • Molly puts mic 2 on the stand (by keys 3)

  • Mic 1 should swing away from the piano on Time Lapse

  • After NY State of mind stage crew should ensure the lid of the piano is UP, music stand of piano is down and no boom stands to be seen. Horn section chairs should be farther back from pianist. 


4. Time Lapse

Music notes from TPCR8 Coaches & Directors:

Keys 1: Great spunk.  Please watch/listen to your rehearsal video below.  Certain parts are an effective tempo and every note is clear.   Other parts towards the end of your performance or not. Keep listening closely to it. Play it slower on certain parts so you can play every note accurately and continue to work on the ending. Piece does not seem to have an ending yet.? Thank you for continuing to work hard on it.    Once you finish it we can start working on other performance aspects that will really bring it to life. 

Rehearsal Video 7-17-19 :


  • Keys 1: Gray Flermoen

  • Keys 1 music stand down, lid up, all boom stands removed from stage. Horn section chairs push back to stage right wings please. 


5. Here You Come Again
  • Vox 1: Meg Strand 

  • BUV: Kellyn Amick

  • Keys 1: Meg Strand 

  • Keys 2: Samantha Hornung

  • Keys 3: Madeline Zylstra

  • E Guitar: ?

  • Bass: Danny Barnes 

  • Drums: Sam Gamble



  • Mic 1 comes back to Meg (lead vox)

Music notes from TPCR8 Coaches & Directors:

  • VOX 1/KEYS 1:

  •  Great singing and playing!

  • Upbeat, happy, sweet classic with an original twist. 

  •  Think about singing even louder when the other instruments start playing.

  • Who is the guitarist in this song? Is Conor Amick going to play this? 

  • Keys Team girls:   Great playing on tempo and the correct notes.

  • Only thing is to memorize (and like always, keep practicing).

  • Once your parts are memorized, you can look up and enjoy being a part of this song much more. 

  • Bassist (Danny:) Remember which part we cut out on the lead sheet and work out the ending.


  • This is Nearly performance ready; excellent work Meg and Keys Team! 



  • BUV will be moved  away from the audience or offstage.

  • Kellyn Mr. or Mrs. McCargar would like to meet with you about your numbers.  If you can come early tomorrow before rehearsal like you usually do please catch us!  




6. Blue Rondo Ala Turk

Music notes from TPCR8 Coaches & Directors:

  • Kolbe: Make sure that you follow the lead sheet and listen to Ethan when he plays to make sure that you are playing the correct notes.

  • Reid: Remember when to come in after Ethan’s “intro/solo” and play with Ethan.

    • Make the transitions from the different tempos and rhythms cleaner.

  • Ethan: Sit back a little further from the piano so that your arms aren’t so close to your body.

    • Show some expression, especially on your face (SMILING!!!)

    • Look at Reid when you are playing the ending so you both end at the same time, which makes it tighter.

    • Your body language when you play is exciting - your arms, legs, everything says you LOVE playing this song. Now allow your face to relax and show the love as well.

    • This song is performance ready. Well done. 


  • Lenters, Ethan: Keys 1

  • Brew, Kolbe: Bass 

  • Eldred, Reid: Drums 

  • Hugh DeWitt + All Horns: Horns “Brass Mics” 

  • Piano on a stick


  • Sax needs brass mic for solo

  • Lid open on piano


7. Eet
  • Vox 1: Anna Loos

  • Keys 1: Anna Loos

  • Keys 2 KX88 Sophia Cioffi-Epp - need settings  

  • Bass: Danny Barnes

  • Drums: Sam Gamble 

  • Shaker: Rowan Eldred

Music notes from TPCR8 Coaches & Directors:

  • Sophia:Your part sounds great!Dont be afraid to play even loud and stronger.  Both Keys players are very confident and very musical. 


    • Sing louder when the other instruments start playing. If you move closer to the mic it will help a lot.

    • Don’t look at your hands so much when you are singing.

    • The songs comes across entirely different when you look out to interact with the audience. 

    • Watch some "Live" regina spektor videos of this - 

    • Make sure you play the octaves confidently in your right hand.

    • Anna: Really listen to the notes you are playing on the piano phrase by phrase, don't play them just to get through them quickly...remember to listen and take your time. 

    • With more eye contact, this will soon be performance ready folks.  

    • Bravo!




8. Carry You Home

Music notes from TPCR8 Coaches & Directors:

  • Kellyn (mic 1) vocalist : Sing confidently!  Watch a video of you singing and pay attention to stage faces - are you happy to be singing on this song?  Give your audience a happy face when you come out on stage at least that says you like being in this show and performing for them.  PERFORM...not stand and sing.  

    • In the intro, make sure that you are singing clearly/ articulating 

  • Keys 3 player Lynlee:  Make sure that you are in tempo, especially when you are playing your chords by yourself with Lana and Kellyn.Listen closely to how your part fits with the others 

  • Molly and Jane: Remember to put on your stage face and smile when you sing!


  • MIC 1 Kellyn Amick mic going back out

  • MIC 2 -Orange for vocalist Lana Chalfoun 

  • Mic 3 for BUV Molly Puglessi

  • Mic 4 for BUV Jane Puglessi

  • MIC Acoustic Guitar: Conor Amick 

  • MIC Acoustic Guitar: Caroline Flermoen 

  • Keys 1: Kathleen Sullivan 

  • Keys 2: Sarah Morris

  • Keys 3: Lynlee Bell - be in tempo 


  • Bass: Danny Barnes

  • Drums: Sam Gamble

  • Conga: Sam Mitchell

  • Shaker: Ethan Lenters and paul Langenbach

  • Set-Up:

  • Top needs to come down on the piano

  • Stool needs to be brought out for Conor

  • Mic 1 (at Piano) needs to be brought to the front where Kellyn sings

  • Ethan Lenters and Paul Langenbach are on this song (recently added)

  • Crew will move the stool away at the end

  • Make sure that all mic stands are off the stage if they are not needed!



9. When I Grow Up

Music notes from TPCR8 Coaches & Directors:

  • Asher: Make sure that when you play you press and hold on the keys when you play so it doesn’t sound choppy.

  • Anna: Practice this so when you play there are no hesitations.

  • Kathleen: Make sure not to rush the singing, keep the right tempo!


Vox 1: Kathleen Sullivan

Keys 1: Anna Loos

Keys 2: Elise Hunter

Keys 3: Asher Ernsberger 

Drums: Natalie Williams

Bass: Kolbe Brew

E. Guitar: ___________________

Horns: Hugh DeWitt and all horns 

Tambourine: Rowan Eldred

Shaker: Sam Loos



  • One microphone (1) for lead singer (Kathleen) (Kellyn - give your mic to Kathleen when you finish)


10. Many the Mile

Music notes from TPCR8 Coaches & Directors:

  • Jane: Know the organ setting on Keys 2 (8)

  • Katie: Make sure that you know the lyrics especially on the second part of the first verse.

  • BUVs: Make sure you put on your stage face! Sing out on your harmonies!

  • Everyone: Make sure that you play the right tempo (faster!!). Help out in any way you can to make sure of this!

  • Gray: Look excited when you play, especially when you solo and Katie is looking at you.

  • Anna: Practice your harmony so that you don’t sing the same thing as someone else.


  • MIC 1- Vox 1: Katie Hintz

  • MIC 2- BUV: Noor Hassan

  • MIC 3- BUV: Anna Loos (middle)

  • MIC 4-BUV: Meg Strand

  • Keys 1: Gray Flermoen

  • Keys 2 organ: Jane Puglessi  - settings 

  • E Guitar: Jack AO  

  • Keys 2: Jane Puglessi 

  • Keys 3: None 

  • Bass: Kolbe Brew

  • Drums: Reid Eldred

  • Perc lead by: Natalie Williams(Tambo)

  • Tambourine: Meredith Gass (shaker)

  • Tambourine: Rowan Eldred (shaker)

  • Tambourine: Lynlee Bell(shaker) Set-Up:

  • BUV’s each need their own microphone (Noor, Anna, and Meg) (mics 2 3 and 4)


11. If You Believe

Music notes from TPCR8 Coaches & Directors:

  • Sophia: Make sure that you play to correct tempos especially when Natalie is playing the drums.Natalie should be setting a metronomic consistent tempo for you to follow so listen to the beat and trust it. 

  • Great Crescendos!

  • This is so beautiful! 

  • Sophia: where are the pauses and "breaths" in this piece? sometimes you race through the end of a phrase to get to the next one. Listen all the  time to yourself. 


    Sophia and Nat - Great crescendos!


  • Keys 1: Sophia Cioffi-Epp 

  • Keys 2 Yamaha KX88:  Elise Hunter - absent 

  • Bass: Kolbe Brew

  • Drums: Natalie Williams

  • Shakers - Meredith Gass

  • Flute: Hugh DeWitt (does he need a mic?)