Mr. Andrés

 Piano, Keyboards and Production Instructor.  


Mr. Andrés' journey with music started at a young age, taking piano lessons in his local church a couple of nights a week after school. Andrés found music to be captivating, and it was only a matter of time before he was playing piano in his church's music band. Through these experiences, he realized that music was something that he wanted to continue pursuing throughout his life.


He began his music studies at Los Andes University in Bogotá, Colombia. Changing from an empirical and “church” setting to an academic one was a big challenge. Nevertheless, under the guidance of Óscar Acevedo, Berklee College of Music (1984) and one of the leading pioneers in Colombian jazz, he understood how much of an impact an instructor can make in a student's life. 


In addition to the piano, Andrés took an interest in the keyboard and production. He discovered that the keyboard is an instrument that can be used for composition and for creative arrangements in a wider array of music settings. Andrés understands that learning an instrument is not a "one size fits all" approach, and his knowledge of both the piano and the keyboard helps him to effectively tailor his instruction to fit each individual student's needs. 


Graduating from Los Andes University with a bachelor’s degree in music and audio production opened Andrés' eyes to the importance that music plays in our culture, and how profoundly it shapes the way we experience moments in life. He is honored that he has the ability to share his talents and abilities with other students. “Teaching somebody something is giving a real and special part of yourself, especially if we are talking about music”.


Andrés loves to travel, learn languages, and share his own culture with others.  “One of the things I appreciate the most about music is that it is a common language which people from all around the world can experience." As any well respected Colombian, he is very passionate about soccer, and enjoys playing it with friends every Sunday night.

Mr. Andrés is offering virtual piano lessons in Spanish, and is excited for the opportunity to help students grow musically as well as culturally. Although his first language is Spanish, he is also fluent in English.