Mr. Hugh

 Brass, Sax, Jazz Instructor 




Hugh DeWitt's teaching philosophy centers around instilling a love of music in his students by making it fun to learn. The relaxed atmosphere Hugh provides is one of the keys to his success as a private music instructor with students of all ages. 

In addition to teaching private studies, Mr. Hugh also directs the Catz, jazz band.​ He is a graduate of Wayne State University, with a B.A. in Jazz Performance Studies and a Michigan Teaching Certification.

As a former band director for 10 years with Zeeland Public Schools, Hugh is keenly aware of the benefits a student with private instruction brings to the classroom. One-on-one instruction is exactly what the classroom instructor would like to give each student if they had the time.


The legendary musician, Stevie Wonder, has provided inspiration for Hugh throughout his music career.  Hugh DeWitt is recognized as an accomplished performer in West Michigan music circles, where he performs solo gigs on saxophone and piano, as well as performing in jazz and rock bands. He also plays the flute. In his spare time, he enjoys swimming and traveling.