Mr. Jared 

 Guitar, Drums,Voice, Piano, Ukulele, Mandolin Instructor 

Jared Tuitel Piano Cottage Photo.jpg

Mr. Jared grew up and currently lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For as long as he can remember he has had a guitar in his hands. He began taking piano lessons at age five and switched over to guitar lessons at age 9. Since then, he has furthered his studies with the guitar and by high school was proficient on the guitar, playing in local bands. He also studied percussion in band throughout middle school and high school. He then took Choir class his last two years and was in the most advanced choir of his school by senior year. On top of that, he put his guitar skills to use in the school jazz band.

After high school, he made the decision to further his studies on the guitar and music in general by attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. It was there he joined a band named “Merithius” and played guitar on their first record while touring around the city and the Northern East Coast. With that, he also improved and solidified many of his professional skills on the guitar along with improving his songwriting and music production skills.

After his time at Berklee, Jared decided to move back to his hometown of Grand Rapids and pursue a profession in teaching to share his musical knowledge with his community. He is now teaching guitar, piano, and drums for a high number of private students.


He recently released his first solo album, which he produced in his home built studio during lockdown.

During his free time, Jared loves working on personal creative projects that involve music, art, and performing. His favorite ways to exercise are running, swimming, and weight lifting. His favorite sport is baseball, which he also enjoys playing with friends and family. He loves playing trading cards and board games with his friends as well as working on group musical and artistic events. In his downtime, he enjoys relaxing with family, cooking, watching movies, video games, and meditation.