Mr. Josh

 Piano & Voice Instructor 




Mr. Josh Keller hails from Toledo Ohio where he started playing music in his church's worship band in 7th grade. Josh studied music at the University of Valley Forge in Philadelphia, PA and received a BA in Church Music. His most memorable experience was performing "Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue" for his senior recital.

Josh started at the Grand Rapids First Church as the Music Assistant and Director for the music program. He led bands and musicians of all ages. He then joined the Piano Cottage as a vocal, guitar, and piano instructor. He is also an active member of Grand Rapids Theater community. He has been a  Music Director, performer, and theater instructor. He was also part of the orchestra as a pianist during the Civic Theater production of Ragtime. He made his main stage directing debut at the Circle Theater during their production of Freaky Friday. He wants to lead a broadway choir someday and loves old broadway music.