Mr. Mario 

 Lessons on Acoustic, Electric and Classical Guitar
In Spanish and English 

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Mr. Mario Alonso Díaz Rey has been a music educator in musical theory and guitar at several academies and universities for more than fifteen years in Bogotá, Colombia where he lives. 


He is a graduate of University of Nariño, with a Bachelor of Music degree.  He has held several guitar clinics in Colombia in Pasto, Madrid, Copenhagen, Bogotá among others. Mario has performed different rhythms and styles in his career, such as Rock, Pop, Salsa, Ska, Punk, Jazz, Blues, Metal and Classical Music.


He has several recordings and has performed in concerts as guest musician and session musician, in bands and projects such as Disidencia- Pasto 1996, “Deantonia” - Pasto 1999, "Rosa Negra" - Pasto 1998, Danta Nativa - Pasto 2000, Aurum - Pasto 2005 , Jazz Quintet - University of Nariño - Pasto 2001, String Orchestra of University of Nariño - Pasto 2001, Big Band of University of Nariño - Pasto 2002, Future winds - Pasto 2008, Madness Project 2009, INRI - Bogotá 2010, Symphonic Orchestra of Rock - Bogotá 2010, Artemist - Bogotá 2010, Control Z - Bogotá 2012, BloodFate - Bogotá 2014, Behind the Mask - Bogotá since 2013 to date, Song “El fantasma de Edwin” (solo Recording) from Carlos Reyes Lega and the Killer Band 2012, G3 guitar alliance nariño vive underground 3rd Edition 2015, Madness Method 2019 Skyline. “La historia de los caidos” Behind the mask single 2020


He participated in the 2009 Guitar Idol competition in England (UK), and was selected among 120 finalists.


Mario has developed his own music and compositions for "Madness Method", his band as a solo guitarist since 2009, with an Ep of the year 2019 entitled "Skyline."

He has been part of the band "Behind The Mask” from Bogotá since 2013. They participated in different national tours at festivals and concerts. In their discography they recorded an EP in 2013 "Pasión y Sangre", 2018 album "Hidden Beast", 2020 single "La Historia de los Caídos".

He has shared the stage with several prominent local and international bands, including Rata Blanca from Argentina in 2001, Mortal Sin from Australia in 2009, Kraken from Colombia 2007, 2009, 2010, Gaias Pendulum from Medellín Colombia in 2013, Pornomotora from Colombia, Anabantha from Mexico 2013, 2014 and 2016, Vital Remains from USA in 2013. Bajo Sueños from Ecuador 2015, Neurosis from Bogotá 2015, Subterranica Awards, Bogotá 2016. Xandria from Alemanía 2016, Gaias Pendulum Tour “Phase of the Moon” Colombia 2019, Behind The Mask Tour “Unleash The Beast” Colombia 2019. Brujería from Usa/Mexico 2019. Impromptus ad Mortem from Ibagué Colombia 2020.

Mr. Mario attended “Berklee Latino Bogotá 2016” where he studied songwriting, performance and production with great musicians and grammy winners such as Oscar Stagnaro and Enrique Gonzalez


He performed as a guest musician in the 2019 European Tour of the choreographic collective and dance school "El Colombiano" in 2019 at the Triangle Folklore Festival. Vejle, Aarush and Horsens in Denmark, Czángó Festival. Jászberény, Szeged, Desk and Szarvas in Hungary, Sziget Fest. Budapest in Hungary, Summer Fest. Szashalombata, Budapest, Toköl and Szigetszenmiklós in Hungary, Interetno Festival Subotica in Serbia.


Mr. Mario has toured the world with his guitar, but his passion for music goes far beyond the stage. He loves sharing his gift, and has taught students of all levels. He has taught classrooms of kindergartners all the way through post university graduate students. He especially loves the focus and intentionality of private, 1-on-1 instruction. 


Several of his former students have pursued professional music careers and still check in with Mr. Mario from time to time for his expertise.

Mr. Mario is accepting new students at The Piano Cottage seeking remote instruction for acoustic, electric and classical guitar.