Ms. Jean

 Piano Instructor 




Ms. Jean Gardner started singing and performing in her church choir at 9 years old in her hometown in Iowa. She fell in love with music while playing the "Theme from the Apartment" during a 7th-grade performance. In 8th grade, she was the winner of a performance competition at the Iowa Corn Cob Fair.

Jean received her Bachelor’s of Music Degree from Simpson College in Iowa. From there she went on to earn three master’s degrees in Music Education, Counseling and Personnel, and Educational Leadership from Western Michigan University. She has taught Internationally in: Frankfort, Istanbul, Beijing, and Dubai. If she wasn't teaching, she would have stayed in Istanbul to become a tour guide. This also helped her find a love for International fiction. She even had the chance to play on Mozart's organ in Germany and sing in the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Jean has taught music and drama in Grand Rapids Public Schools and was an elementary school counselor. Jean was co-founder and musical director and accompanist for the musical theatre group,"LimeJello."