Ms. Linda

 Piano Instructor 




Ms. Linda Livermore was born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan. Her parents and were always playing music in their home, which led her to start practicing the piano and join her church choir. Linda fell in love with how all the elements of music (e.g. notes, phrases, intervals, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, and tempo) weave together to create something magical. 

Linda's first musical experience began listening to her parents and siblings sing and play instruments; She is one of six children and there was a lot of music in their home! Her first performance was a piano recital. She began accompanying her church choir as a teenager, studying under Helen Squires. Linda attended Cornerstone University where she received a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance. Linda received the Bateman Award for top freshman music student at Cornerstone University.


At Cornerstone, Linda studied under Peter Van Dessell. After graduating from Cornerstone, she entered the graduate program at Western Michigan University, where she studied under Dr. Silvia Roederer. Linda credits both Van Dessell and Roederer as influential mentors in her music career.


Linda still learns new piano music and is currently learning a few classical pieces to record. Her favorite classical composers are Chopin and Bach, but she enjoys modern artists as well such as Ben Folds, Jeremy Loops, and The Weepies

If she's not practicing classical music, she is hunting for morel mushrooms. Linda also has a passion for birds, giving her the nickname "Linda Bird". She had pet birds growing up and even has them tattooed on her. If she was not studying music, she would be a beekeeper.