How to keep your child practicing this time of year when motivation is lower

How to keep your child practicing this time of year when their motivation is dipping low and the weather will soon call them outside ? Here's a few recent suggestions received from super-TPC parents that are in use, and have really been working:

"Praise, thanks, show your child you LOVE hearing them practice, listen to to their music, take notes, ask questions, go see a live concert of any kind, cheer them on; get creative with a practice goal chart; never compare them to others and thank them and tell them you really admire and respect them for not giving up. Create a Private You tube channel for them and post weekly and monthly performances to highlight their hard work; post a photo or video of them playing and generate a community if support for them via grandparents and friends."

All kids naturally want to quit something that requires daily discipline, especially heading into spring. If you celebrate their daily effort every day even if only a teensy tiny small way- like a passing comment, hollering "Oh! I LOVE it when you practice this piece!!" It will be noticed. Not all practice sessions are created equal, but sometimes you just have to take what you can get. Although it requires no effort to drop something or quit- teaching children to have long term vision and be stronger and smarter than their excuses us key- and soon they will enjoy the hard earned feeling of success that comes from having worked hard at mastering a challenging and beautiful piece.

Well worth the effort!

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