Piano Cottage Student Spotlight

Updated: Jan 2

The Piano Cottage Rocks No. 8 Cast would like to introduce you their headliners this year. In upcoming weeks they will be posting student bios. This is a cast with no shortage of personality and talent. Including a rising start on the piano Sam Mitchell, voted the Faculty as the 2019 MIP Most Improved Pianist at The Piano Cottage! Congratulations to this hardworking pianist who knows how to have a ball on stage while delivering solid technique and skill...and loads of style.

Bring Your Dance Shoes.


1. I am going to be a Freshman at East Grand Rapids High School this fall, am a pianist but also study drums /percussion. I am performing "Under Pressure" a piano trio arrangement by Peter Bence.

2. Role in TPCR8?

Performing Under Pressure.

Eating chords for breakfast.

Carrying Small Children.

Annoying Miss Jody.

3. How would you describe the Piano Cottage Rocks production for folks that have never experienced it?

Bring your dance shoes.

4. Goals and ways I'd like to improve as a musician?



5. My chief musical Inspirations:

My mom said I was always inspired by Gandolf.

6. What challenges you?

Preparing for The Piano Cottage Rocks is really the most challenging thing I've done this entire year. Aside from my math class, school is fun for me but not really all that challenging. This is challenging.

7. What music do you listen to and enjoy these days?

Alexa. ("Hey Alexa play some music.")

8. Can you see yourself as a professional musician or pursuing a career in music?

I definitely could however it would not be as a performer. I could see myself composing music for the film and tv industries. Actually, writing down all those notes is incredibly time consuming so I'd probably focus on scoring film with sounds that I just make with my mouth. (sorry Mrs Jody!)

I've been known to make some unique sounds.

Come see me at The Piano Cottage Rocks [July 25 and 26!) to hear a few of them!

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