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TPCR7 Video Audition Information

Updated: May 1, 2018

Interested in auditioning for The Piano Cottage Rocks 7th anniversary concert but have a lacrosse game in the Upper Peninsula, your grandparent's surprise 60th wedding anniversary luncheon and then your brother's bar mitzvah that night? For those who cannot attend any audition times on Saturday May 5th, fear not, you have the option of submitting a video audition! 

Follow these steps:  

(1) RECORD YOUR SONG: Once your piece is polished, dress as if you are attending an actual audition, and record your best performance. Make sure your recording quality is loud enough for the judges to easily hear!

(2) INCLUDE a 1-MINUTE INTRO: In your recording, introduce yourself loud & clear with your name, age, and the name of the piece you are about to perform. Tell the judges whether you will be singing, playing piano, guitar, or anything else you wish for them to know about your performance so long as your introduction is 1 minute or less.  

(3) UPLOAD & SEND YOUR LINK: Afterwards, upload and email a link of your recording to: thepianocottagerocks@gmail.com with the subject line "TPCR7 Video Audition: your name". Please copy (cc) your TPC instructor so they know the day and time you submitted. Youtube and Vimeo links are ideal ways to transmit large video files, but please upload and send your video in whatever manner is most convenient for you. 

(4) RESERVE A VIDEO AUDITION TIME: Finally, go to the TPCR7 AUDITION SIGN-UP GENIUS FORM and sign-up to reserve your audition time even though you will not be there in person. You must put "VIDEO SUBMISSION" in the "Comment" section. On audition day, at your reserved time (ex: 10:15 - 10:20 AM) your audition video will be played for each judge at the exact time reserved for your performance, almost as if you were there in person! Judges will watch each video in full and write down notes/feedback and assign a score as they will do for every auditionee. Videos should not exceed 3 minutes: 2 minutes or less can be music and 1 minute or less can be introduction information. 

*DEADLINE: All video auditions are due by May 3rd at the latest!

*ACKNOWLEDGMENT: After you send in the link for your video, the TPCR7 Production Team will acknowledge that your audition has been received via a confirmation email within 24 hours. Important: if you do not hear back from thepianocottagerocks@gmail.com acknowledging receipt of your video within 24 hours, please re-send. 

We look forward to your audition! 


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