The Piano Cottage Rocks 

The Piano Cottage Rocks is an annual Rock Concert hosted by The Piano Cottage. Students audition live or submit their video to a select panel of 3rd party judges. Judges are experts in the music industry and change annually. 


The primary goal of this event is to bring live stage experience to the students of The Piano Cottage. Students receive all aspects of performing before a live audience including honing stage presence skills, choreography routines, and how to work within a live band setting. 


Auditions are held in the Spring in front a live panel of judges. The winning auditions will be notified late Spring. The songs will then be charted out and parts will be composed and assigned to the other musicians. Depending on the date of the concerts, rehearsals typically begin the first week in July and are held throughout the month until the concert dates at the end of July.


Rehearsal locations have changed over the past few years and can change locations from day to day. Rehearsals typically take place in East Grand Rapids and have been hosted at the Piano Cottage on Boston, Wealthy Street Theater, and Beacon Hill. Schedules and locations will be distributed during the first week of July. Performances locations are based on size and availability. Concerts have been hosted at the Wealthy Street Theater,  DeVos Performance Hall and Fredrik Meijer Gardens.


The Piano Cottage Rocks is a 2-Day Performance. The same performance is given both days to allow audience members the opportunity to catch the same great show if they are not able to make one of the two nights.  Performances are typically split into ACT I and ACT II and take place in the evening. Only 20 songs are selected and are divided between the Acts based on the number of performers and energy of the song. Performances are unique each year with a different group of students and songs.