What Is TPCR?

The Piano Cottage Rocks Concert ("TPCR" )  is in it’s 8th season now;  a two-night rock concert series held at  the historic Wealthy Street Theatre in Grand Rapids Michigan. This year the student-led concert TPCR8 will be July 25 and 26th at 7:30pm.


The original concept for this dynamic musical celebration stems from collaboration with students looking for opportunities to perform contemporary music.   The concert series represents a full year of preparation among students, faculty and directors at The Piano Cottage. The events have gained such popularity in West Michigan that tickets sell out quickly.


Behind all the glitz, glamour and excitement of appearing in a world-class musical production, the cast of 70-85 advanced students ages 8-17, learn valuable life-skills from the audition process, collaboration among peers, choral groups and professional musicians, along with choreography skills and music direction by award winning professionals. 


Students also get a glimpse into the backstage world of music production from sound & lighting professionals. 


Beyond performing in the event, there are also stage crew opportunities for students to assist with props and fog engineering.  


PRODUCTION TEAM TPCR8: Director Jody Deems-McCargar and Music Director Wright McCargar share in the responsibilities of the production. The Production Team includes: Mr. Torrey, Choreography, Mr. Joshua Zimmerman, Keys Team, Guest Artists & Vocal Soloist Sarena Rae Chandler, Ms. Brandon Harris, Vocal Coach, Mr. David DeVos, Bass Team, Mr. Matt Young, Guitar, Ukulele & Mandolin Section, Mr. Chen Flakes, Drums, Mr. Hugh DeWitt, Horn Section, Ms. Mary Skuza, Youth Chorus, and Miss Amelia Tippett Stage Manager. 

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